Welcome to TIAN Permanent Makeup School


The course is designed for those who want to become a specialist in the field of micropigmentation, and especially for those who have no artistic education or profession such as makeup artist.

Another group of our students – are masters that were trained previously in other schools, but did not receive the necessary knowledge of color and pigments. Once started, many are faced with the problem of incorrect color selection, leaving the pigment in the “unpleasant” shades, etc.

This course helps to fill the missing knowledge!

You will learn how to determine skin tone, undertone and how to choose pigments without getting undesirable results.




  1. Basic of color theory in permanent makeup
  2. How to mix pigments
  3. Difference in pigments and how to read them correctly
  4. How to choose pigments
  5. How to fix undesirable colors
  6. Different types of skins and how to choose a color for each one
  7. Warm/cold colors
  8. How to read color wheel


3h CLASS ____________________ $375