Welcome to TIAN Permanent Makeup School at S-Brows course


What exactly will be practiced in Individual MasterClass.

The technique designed by Sviatoslav Otchenash with step-by-step explanation how to create design in a minutes, what products to use, and how to perform procedure without using anesthetic.

Training includes demonstration and hands-on practice.

Craft Master: Anna Ishutina

After applying for training, students receive a Starter kit for MasterClass in which the most important equipment for practice and work is contained.


Starter Kit for MasterClass includes:

    • • SilhouetteS pigment 3 pcs
    • • AcademyS pencil 2 pcs
    • • SeptiS wipes 20 pcs
    • • Tatto wipes 40 pcs
    • • AfterCare Selection 6*2 12 pcs
    • • Latex 3 pcs


Having completed the training, information on MasterClass attendance will be recorded in the Student’s CraftMaster profile which will provide a clear insight into his/her PMU career.


Important note:

Students who attend Individual MasterClass cannot receive the Artist title nor can they advance in the system of Craft Master.