Academy S Basic Training.
Get certified in permanent makeup school.


SilhouetteS represents a group of techniques in permanent makeup which have been developed by Sviatoslav Otchenash and which are taught at the AcademyS. These techniques cover micropigmentation of the eyebrows, lips and eyelids and their aim is enhancing the client’s natural look that could have deteriorated due to age, certain diseases, presence of scars, and similar.


Basic course represents six-day training which includes three basic SilhouetteS techniques – Magic shading, Classic eyeliner and Aquarelle lips.

Students acquire theoretical knowledge about the skin, hygene and all other topics relevant to permanent make-up. Also, by working on models students get a unique opportunity to put the gained knowledge into practice.

After applying for training, students receive a Starter kit for Basic course in which the most important work and practice equipment is contained. In addition, students get a six-months access to the CraftMaster application where they will submit pictures of their works to their CraftMaster and where they will gradually progress, level by level. If they manage to sucessfully pass all levels, students obtain the Certificate and the Artist title.

Starter Kit for Basic course can be with or without the MachineS.



Magic Shading Technique – Shading technique for eyebrows


Magic Combined Technique – Hair strokes combined with shading technique




Stardust Technique – Shading technique with two (and more) colors


Soft Liner Technique – Eyeliner with no hard “edges”


Classic Eyeliner Technique – Full black eyeliner with hard “edges”



Superbright Shading Technique – Lipstick effect


Aquarelle Technique – Natural effect