We invite you to learn Architecture of the perfect eyebrow


The course program is based on the experience of the leading professionals and the latest trends in eyebrow design.


  • Golden Ratio Rule. How to create a perfect eyebrow
  • Different forms of eyebrows and the ways of correcting them. The work with complex eyebrow shapes.Different shapes of a face
  • Equipment. Instruments
  • Henna. Color. Classic. Ombre
  • Color theory
  • Drawing on a paper. Hands-on Training
  • Live Demonstration
  • Cutting, working with scissors and trim tabs.
  • Preparation of eyebrows for the procedure. Applying and removing technique of henna.
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Table Set up
  • Psychology of communication with clients, attracting customers, pricing and important secrets in the field of eyebrow design.
  • Marketing

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Architecture of the perfect eyebrow

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