Areola Restoration

Areola restoration is a permanent paramedical treatment whose purpose is to return confidence to women and men who went through mastectomy or other breast surgeries. Although men who had breast cancer and went through mastectomy is less common to have reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries after, there are still a big number of male clients because this innovative procedure is also suitable for people with irregular or fading areolas. In other words, you may choose to make permanent areola restoration if you unhappy with the look of your natural areolas. The technique which is used for areola repigmentation and nipple restoration is complex and employs cosmetical micropigmentation.

This procedure, which is also called 3D Areola restoration is able to permanently change or correct the color, shape and size of the areola and nipple and give it a natural ,close to perfect look.

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How the procedure is done?


Permanent areola and nipple restoration requires the use of the tattoo machine with tiny needle which deposit special pigment/ink into the dermal layer of the skin.

Usually, it takes 2 sessions that are 4-6 weeks apart.

In case this is a restoration after surgery, a prior consultation is required, as the period of the beginning of the procedure is different for every client. Usually the treatment can be performed 4-6 months after the surgery, but it depends thats why consultation is needed.

Procedure takes about 2-3 hour from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave.

Who is a candidate for the procedure?


The client must be 18 years or olderIt must pass at least 3 months since nipple reconstruction before it can be tattooedIf the client went under the radiation treatment he must discuss the procedure with a doctor to make sure that the breast is totally healed

Prepare for a procedure


1. In some cases, areola restoration procedure can be covered by your health insurance company. Call them to find out if you are covered before the appointment as well as ask your artist if he accepts insurance.

2. Come for an appointment with an idea of what kind of areolas you would like to have after the procedure. You may bring a picture of the areolas you had before the surgery,or,if it`s not the case, a picture of the areolas you wish to get.

Though, most of the permanent tattoo artists have their own catalogs and sketches of areolas, so you will choose the shape, color and size that will match your skin tone and breast size perfectly together.

How to take care of them?


It is not uncommon that the tattooed area will be bleeding and swelling right after procedure. Skin can be sore and tight.
It is totally normal and an uncomfortable feeling should ease within a week. Here some instructions for aftercare which will help to get rid of the unpleasant feeling and prevent from getting after treatment complications. You will need to follow these steps for a week after each restoration session.



    • When you get home, gently wash the area with fingers without scrubbing and dry with a pad.


    • Avoid swimming, using saunas and hot tubs.


    • Wear non-stick pad and a bra.


    • Remove pads for several hours each day to let the tattooed skin heal faster.


    • Apply some antibacterial ointment.


      • Wear non-stick pad and a bra.

If you follow all the rules of aftercare, your areolas will heal after 7-10 days

In case after this period the tattooed area still swelling or has other symptoms like bleeding, looking cracked and red contact your artist immediately.

How long does the color last?


It depends on many factors, such as :

● Professionalism of the artist

● Quality of the pigments

● Chosen pigment color (dark pigment last longer)

● Your compliance with the rules of aftercare


Going through areola restoration procedure can be stressful if you don`t know what to expect. We hope this article helped you to understand that areola restoration is a truly unique and worthy procedure that can bring you confidence and dramatically change your life for a better!