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AREola restoration

Areola restoration is a transformative and deeply impactful procedure that plays a crucial role in the journey of individuals who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. This specialized field combines artistry, precision, and compassion to restore a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the areola and nipple complex.

The areola restoration procedure involves the skillful application of pigments to recreate the natural color, shape, and texture of the areola. This meticulous process requires a keen understanding of skin tones, symmetry, and the nuances of three-dimensional shading. The goal is to provide individuals who have undergone mastectomy or breast surgery with a sense of wholeness and renewed confidence.
TianPermanentMakeup School

Training in Areola Restoration:

At the forefront of this delicate art form is the TIAN Permanent Makeup Training Center and Studio, offering comprehensive courses in areola restoration. Our training programs are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to perform this procedure with precision and sensitivity.


No experience or prior training is required in order to participate in this course.  The rules and regulations for this course is taught according to Florida state. For student’s traveling from different countries or states, it is your responsibility for research your own state or city regulations for lip blush technicians.

Must be at least 18yrs of age to take the course.

Curriculum Highlights

Areola restoration is not just a technical procedure; it is a compassionate art form that restores not only physical appearance but also confidence and self-esteem. By offering specialized training in this field, the TIAN Permanent Makeup Training Center and Studio is dedicated to empowering professionals to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals seeking this transformative procedure. Join us in mastering the art of areola restoration and contributing to the holistic well-being of those on their journey to recovery and self-empowerment.