Microblading Training New York

Microblading Class NYC1

New York Microblading Training Class

Microblading Class for beginners. Intensive 3 day class from 9.30am till 5pm with hands-on training in New York. Licensed teacher, kit is included, small group. In three days you will learn everything to start working right away.
Kit includes:

20 different size blades
measurement ruler
pigment cups
NPM pigments
latex sheets for practice at home

Certificate upon completion.

1st day:
• Medical Aspects, Skin structure, Contraindications.

• Hygiene Standarts. Pre/After Care.

• Eyebrows Shaping, different shapes and faces.

• Measurement with divider and ruler.

• Different techniques and hairstores pattern.

• Pigments, needles and anastetics.

• Color Theory.

• Practice of drawing on models and practice skin.

2nd day:
• Different tools in microblading.

• Artist works on a model.

• Students work on a latex skin.
​3rd day:
• Practice on a model.

• Test.



Microblading Manual

Microblading Manual

Microblading Manual with practice pages and step by step pattern 37 pages with a lot of information about color theory and shape building Email: tianpmu@gmail.com  Tel: 347-922-6310 This instructional manual teaches what is needed to become successful in the field. This manual includes everything from beginning a procedure to marketing.  We created this microblading manual for artists…



Legendary people and brands in permanent makeup and microblading world. 12.10.2017 – yesterday was a beautiful award for professionals and beginners who participate in championship. With specialists form Russia, Europe and USA. A lot of famous celebrities (singers, actors and showmen), journalists and DJs from TV. #legendarypeople #russia #microbaldingusa #permanentmakeup #thelinesaward #thelinesaward2017 #thelinesmagazine Публикация от Tian (@tian_team)…

Congress in Saint-Petersburg

International congress in Saint-Petersburg

Golden Needle Congress in Saint-Petersburg, 2017 Great Permanent Makeup Congress just took a place in  Russia. Tori Company organized a great congress with over 100 people and 12 speakers around a world.   Speakers: Moshe Alul, Victoria Tomashivskaya, Anna Ishutina, Chuni Beaulo, Rita Romo, Ennio Orsini, Anna Zabolotnaya, Sokolova Elena, Dmitry Ryashin, Larisa Berdnikova, Vitaly …

Permanent Makeup for Men

 Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation for Men Since permanent makeup became widely popular, many people are going for different kind of treatments to enhance their natural beauty or to correct the imperfections of their facial features, hair or skin. There is nothing surprising that a big number of clients are men. As a matter of fact, usually…

How much the course costs

Career In Permanent Makeup

All you need to know about permanent makeup career opportunities Have you ever wished to rock the beauty word with a unique knowledge of permanent makeup? If the answer is Yes, than you are already halfway to your dream career! In this article we will help you to understand the process of obtaining the desirable…

Color Tricks

Color Tricks

Color Tricks: Choosing the perfect color for your lip permanent makeup The most interesting and complicated part is the choice of the pigment. Permanent lip makeup: step by step When you do a permanent lip makeup, you can use a contour, or try various variations of feathering. It can be done in two thirds or…

Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon. Closeup beautician doing tattooing eyebrow.

What to choose: microblading or permanent makeup?

Permanent Eyebrows Tattoo or  Microblading? Microblading as well as permanent eyebrows treatments are both very popular procedures. Although, those are the names of the similar treatment, there are certain differences between these two procedures. Let`s find the definition of these terms, understand the difference and determine which one will suit you better. 1. Permanent makeup machine vs.…


Permanent MakeUp Conference

International Congress on Permanent Makeup SAINT-PETERSBURG/RUSSIA SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2017 Peculiarities and nuances of lip permanent makeup for dark skin International Congress on permanent makeup “Golden Needle” present our next speaker Anna Ishutina from New York with quite unusual and new for us topic “Peculiarities and nuances of lip permanent makeup for dark skin“. Licensed permanent makeup and…

History Of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Permanent makeup is a special technique which can be described as the application of pigment into the epidermis which replicates the makeup. Almost any area of the skin can be tattooed permanently or semi-permanently such as eyebrows, eyelids, lips, areolas, hairline, scars and even some other parts of the skin which needs a…