Eyebrows Extension

If you`ve already heard about the newest treatment for the brows called eyebrows extension which can change the whole look of your face for the better, you probably still have a lot of questions and doubts.

In this article we will tell you all pros and cons of this procedure by comparing it to other very popular methods of eyebrows treatment – permanent makeup tattoo and microblading.

The biggest trend in the world of beauty now is the thick, bold eyebrows ,which shape the face , draw attention to the eyes and help us to express the emotions and feelings.

Which is why it’s crucial to maintain your eyebrows regularly.

Luckily for us, the new eyebrows treatments make it possible to save our precious time and money for makeup by making the shape of the brows only ones.

What result of treatment?

As a result of Eyebrows Extension treatment you will have naturally looking, thick brows. This treatment is a great choice for you if you have sparse brows or even have absolutely no eyebrows hair.

Eyebrows Extension synthetic or mink extensions that are adhered to the eyebrows to give them more color,length and depth.

Price: $100 and lasts a few weeks. Thats a perfect procedure for those who want to “try” eyebrows before doing miroblading or permanent makeup.

Description of the procedure Eyebrows Extension

This procedure is similar to eyelashes extension. Tiny fiber pieces made of mink or synthetic individually adheres to your own brows hair . Fibers come in different length, diameter and color.

Fiber pieces can be adhered to your brow hair or directly to the skin. Second method is best for people with very sparse brows or people who has no brows hair at all, due to birth defects or chemotherapy