Eyebrow Extensions Training (Courses)


Any method used during the module is initially demonstrated to the students and then practiced by the student under the teacher’s supervision on a live model.



  • Eyebrow physiology and structure
  • 7 defining steps to build a brow
  • Decontamination, Safety practice and First aid
  • Eyebrow extension shaping and styling
  • Eyebrow shape corrections with eyebrow extensions
  • Eyebrow extension care
  • Demonstration and explanation of eyebrow extension procedure
  • Legal aspects of eyebrow extension business
  • Shaping – tweezing & waxing
  • Styling – trimming & straightening
  • Defining – tinting & henna
  • Aftercare
  • Marketing Bonus



  • Correct posture and hands’ positions
  • Techniques of eyebrow extension application
  • Technique of eyebrow extension alignment
  • Technique of eyebrow extension(s) removal
  • Eyebrow extension refill criteria


1 day class ____________________ $750


What are eyebrow extensions?

This procedure is similar to eyelash extensions, when little hair pieces adheres to fill in textures. Thank to this, women will save a lot of time for  doing their makeup and money from buying eyebrow touch up kits, which includes pencils, powders, gels and wax, just to name a few. All you need is to brush your new extended eyebrows in the morning and it will look well-groomed all day.