When it comes to beauty, we have everything in place to give  that stunning look one would ever imagine. Do you know that your lashes plays a vital role in enhancing your facial appearance? They could either make or mar your beauty. Every structure on our face contributes in one way or the other to help you get that look you have always wanted. A recent study proved that our lashes gives us a up to 3 times a different stunning look when they are well organized. This of no doubt explains the blend we get while having a face do with respect to our lashes.

Do you get that weird not organized looks after long hours on the mirror? You just feel you are not beautiful irrespective of how best you try to look good? There must be something giving rise to this beauty setback – your lashes. Having the perfect lashes makes the whole routine on your face even much easier and better. Have you ever heard of lash extension and lash lift? Yes this is what we offer you and you get that stunning look. It makes you bold, beautiful and confident. Let us take a glance on what a lash extension and lash lift really is, and why we should get one done.

Lash extension is an adopted process in which the length, fullness, and thickness of the natural lashes is enhanced. These extensions are made from different materials such as silk and mint, human or synthetic hair, while a lash lift is an advancement of the lash extension which create a whole natural look, a treatment usually done by a Keratin based product to give your lashes a fuller, thicker appearance.Either of the two is just perfect because they works towards same goal –enhancing our beauty. This guide will lead you through the many question expected of anyone willing to take that step into the beauty world with relevant answers.


How does it work?

Naturally we find it disturbing when it comes to dealing with the eye since we know how delicate our eyes are. On the contrary, lash extension and lash lifts cause no harm to the eyes especially when dealing with a professional.

  • Lash extensionThis is done by carefully attaching a silk or mink extension one by one to each and everyone of your lashes with an adhesive by an aesthetician after which light air is allowed to your lashes in other to allow it dry. This process can be completed within a period of one hour in which you are expected to lie down. Some people may even observe a good sleep while this is done. Isn’t that amazing?. Eyelashes extensions are pretty quick and painless. Once the whole procedure is over, you are only expected to keep it away from water for 24hours.
  • Lash liftApplying a lash lift comes with a process similar to that of a lash extension. You are provided with a comfy table on which you lie down for a period of about 45 minutes to successfully complete the procedure. A silicon pad is placed with the aid of a water soluble glue to your eyelid. Using same glue, your lashes are then curved backwards onto the pad and allowed for 15minutes to set. Once that is done, the lashes are then coated with a perm lotion followed by a setting lotion and lastly a nourishing agent. You are good to go.


At what duration will it stand?

Lash extension and lash lifts are artificial processes and as such is not expected to last forever but there is a goodness to this. If properly handled, lash extensions and lash lift would last for apparently two to three months. So how long it stays without going bad solely depends on you as to how you handle it. The best way to carefully maintain them and make them last longer is to observe precautionary measure (do not allow contact with water for the first 24hours, avoid contact with oil) as well as visiting your aesthetician at least at an interval of three weeks for a touch. Once this is strictly adhered to, I bet you, you are in for an all glowing facial look.


Would I be comfortable on it?

As earlier stated, lash extensions and lash lifts comes with 0% pain. Just like our natural eyelashes, they are very comfortable to go on with as you feel no impact on the eye. When it comes to being eco-friendly, they are the best choice as there have been no traces of harm recorded in respect artificial lashes. Generally safe especially when done by a professional. Its all about your eyes, give it to the best hands and you will be left with a stunning, beautiful look.


Why should I try it on?

The word elegance, bold, and beautiful is only associated with those who merit it. Being trendy and looking good comes with a lot of hard work and one of such is your lashes. The hidden truth to a beautiful face lies on the lashes – bitter truth. This is one secret your make up artist or whomsoever is responsible for your look will not want to reveal to you. Did you exclaim? Keep calm because you are in for more surprises. Our eye lashes plays about 90% in bringing out the best of you. It is everything when it comes to looking good. Bold lashes generally brings a different conception about your face and with them, you have little or no need for a mascara, eyeliner etc. The mystery is just the fact that lashes dominates your face and ends you with a wow appearance. They just blend especially when done appropriately.


Say goodbye to feeling inferior when it comes to stepping out in style and elegance. Lash extensions and lifts has the solution to all you desire when it comes to being bold, beautiful and stunning. Catch all eyes on you with this 45minutes stress free beauty collection. Lash extensions and lash lifts, just the best for you.