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Master Class for Experienced Artists only. 1DAY with practice on a model
You will stay “in-demand” and keep up with client needs with our Master Class training

Our Permanent Makeup School is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for experienced artists to elevate their expertise through our one-day Master Class. This hands-on program is designed to empower artists with advanced techniques and ensure they receive a USA certification, solidifying their position as leaders in the industry.

Our one-day Master Class is tailored for experienced permanent makeup artists seeking to enhance their skills across various procedures. Whether you specialize in microblading, lip shading, or eyeliner application, our program covers a comprehensive range of techniques to sharpen your craft.

Techniques that you can learn:

Curriculum Highlights

-Makeup artistry
-Learn the latest trends and innovative approaches in permanent makeup.
-Needles and machines overview

-Engage in hands-on practice sessions under the guidance of seasoned
-Receive personalized feedback to address specific areas for
-How to work on a dark skin

-Master the art of correction for previous procedures.
-Gain insights into identifying and rectifying common issues encountered
by experienced artists.

-Deepen your understanding of color theory and its application in
permanent makeup.
-Learn how to choose pigments that enhance and complement various skin

-Hone your communication skills to ensure effective client consultations.
-Explore strategies for managing client expectations and building trust.
-Consent forms provided


Upon successful completion of the Master Class, participants will receive a USA certification from our Permanent Makeup School. This certification not only acknowledges the artist's dedication to continuous learning but also enhances their credibility within the industry.

Some states require something more than just certification, so please call your local health department and ask requirements.
Investing in your skill set is key to staying relevant and thriving in the competitive field ofpermanent makeup. Our Permanent Makeup School's Master Class provides experienced artists with an unparalleled opportunity to refine their techniques, learn new skills, and earn a USA certification that speaks to their commitment to excellence.

Elevate your artistry and join us for a transformative day that will set you apart as a master in the world of permanent makeup. Enroll today and take the next step towards unlocking your full potential as a permanent makeup artist.
We also can prepare you for Permanent Makeup Championship.