New York Microblading Training Class

Microblading Training New York

Microblading Class for beginners. Intensive 3 day class from 9.30am till 5pm with hands-on training in New York. Licensed teacher, kit is included, small group. In three days you will learn everything to start working right away.


Kit includes:
  • 20 different size blades
  • pencil
  • measurement ruler
  • book
  • pigment cups
  • handtool
  • NPM pigments
  • latex sheets for practice at home
Certificate upon completion.


1st day:

• Medical Aspects, Skin structure, Contraindications.

• Hygiene Standarts. Pre/After Care.

• Eyebrows Shaping, different shapes and faces.

• Measurement with divider and ruler.

• Different techniques and hairstores pattern.

• Pigments, needles and anastetics.

• Color Theory.

• Practice of drawing on models and practice skin.


2nd day:

• Different tools in microblading.

• Artist works on a model.

• Students work on a latex skin.

​3rd day:

• Practice on a model.

• Test.



 Anna Ishutina

  • Licensed USA Permanent Makeup and Microblading Trainer. 8 years of experience.
  • One of the leading speakers on permanent makeup congresses and conferences around a world.
  • Official Rejuvi Trainer
  • Licensed makeup artist.
  • NPM trainer.


Permanent Eyebrows Tattoo or  Microblading?

Microblading as well as permanent eyebrows treatments are both very popular procedures. Although, those are the names of the similar treatment, there are certain differences between these two procedures. Let`s find the definition of these terms, understand the difference and determine which one will suit you better.


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