Permanent Makeup

In TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio we offer permanent makeup procedures for eyebrows, lips and eyes.

Our 5 artists from different countries speak three different languages and work in a new technique.

We offer powder eyebrows that look very natural, absolutely painless and lasts few years only. For those who saw a lot of bad eyebrows tattoo this is completely different new technique. In wont fade to blue, green or black colors.

We work with Israel non-allergic mineral pigments and use local (cream) anesthesia.


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We have a few artists with different experience in permanent makeup world
You can choose a price and pictures that suits you best:



Permanent Makeup lips

For lips can fix asymmetry or make your lips look bigger(reasonable). It will look very natural and you can also bring your favorite lipstick so we can match a color. Our artists use local anesthesia to make this procedure comfortable for you, but we still dont suggest to do it if you take any medication or have periods.

Please note that lips will look swollen for few hours after procedure, so if you planning and event this day it is better to reschedule.

Check all our Permanent Makeup for lips portfolio here >

Permanent Makeup Eyes

Our artists offer three different techniques to make your eyes look brighter and define. For those who like very natural effect of thick lashes we offer Lash Enhancement. Its a shadow between your first and last lash. For those who like more dramatic look we offer eyeliners or eyeshadow. Eyeshadow can be natural smudge effect done with one black color or our artist can mix three color to emphasize a color of your eyes.