Beauty Workshop from Motives. Cosmetics from celebrities and for celebrities.


New York, December, 14-15 from 11am till 6pm


Organic ingredients that mixed individually for every person. With Motives trainers you will create a foundation and a powder which you will create for yourself. With Motives you can create foundation, powder, lipsticks, conturing…
Trainers will also explain how to make money working with Motives.


During a workshop you will mix your own products and learn how to make money with one of the best organic companies in USA.



Subjects & Support materials:

Custom Blend SystemsOverview Handouts, Skincare handouts.

Wellness Support handouts, Business and Entrepreneurship handouts.


Create your own unique skin undertone foundation formula.

Blend your personalized foundation to take home in a liquid and powder form.

Learn the fundamentals of proper skincare Skincare.

Beauty starts with wellness within. Learn how to properly bring support to the skin inside and outside.

Learn about options, become an entrepreneur,Start your own business.


Custom Blend Concept and Profitability.

Color Theory


Client Communication


Product Knowledge &marketing

Business Opportunity


Lab. hours.

Hands-on materials (included in cost).


Mixing tools.

Writing materials.