Master Class (Course):  Advanced Training on Hair Stroke Eyebrows, 3D Blush Lips

October 12-13, 2016

3D Blush Lips

Instruction for advanced artists contains a number of specialized lessons and teaching materials that will help you improve your skills and learn about new technologies and trends in the art of creating permanent makeup. The course is professional, guided by the best permanent MakeUp technicians.

Hair stroke eyebrow

This course is recommended to those permanent makeup artists who are experienced in the basic techniques and would like to deepen their knowledge, would like to work in a more sophisticated way. Participants can learn a special hairstroke arrangement and can extend their technical knowledge with other elements as well. With the new practical tricks learned in the course the participants can gain a significant advantage in making eyebrows. They can learn what makes hair stroke eyebrows stereoscopic, how to make personalized hair strokes, how to choose the colors. What tools, tricks and methods are needed to be able to meet our client’s request.