Microblading Class in New York

New York, October, 15-18

Trainer: Anna Ishutina

We work in small groups of students per trainer to ensure you receive the personal attention and knowledge required to become a successful Microblading Technician.

Practice on 1 Live Model. (You can bring your models and practice on more then one model).


1st day:

• Medical Aspects, Skin structure, Contraindications.

• Hygiene Standarts. Pre/After Care.

• Eyebrows Shaping, different shapes and faces.

• Measurement with divider and ruler.

• Different techniques and hairstores pattern.

• Pigments, needles and anastetics.

• Color Theory.

• Practice of drawing on models and practice skin.


2nd day:

• Different tools in microblading.

• Artist works on a model.

• Students work on a latex skin.


​3rd day:

• Practice on a model.

• Test

3 day class / kit is included ____________________ $2650



Microblading VIP

We also offer VIP microblading class for those how understand the importance of practice.


Course include:

  • basic microblading class curriculum
  • hands-on training
  • 3 models


4 days class ____________________ $3750