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TianPermanentMakeup School
There is only a few ways to remove ink/unwanted tattoo from the skin and we teach them all!
Anna Ishutina is official trainer for Rejuvi acid Removal and Your Wings Alkaline Removal in USA.

In person classes:

One day class in New York or Miami learning one product: $1100 (product included) and hands-on training, certificate upon completion.
No one allows to buy products without completing a class first.

$1300 class with both products included (Rejuvi and Your Wings).
Products included and hands-on training, certificate upon completion.

Online Classes:

350$ per class (presentation+workbook) send to you by email.
Products included.

Certificate upon completion one model by your own.


  1. Skin Structure
  2. Equipment Overview
  3. Needles Overview
  4. Tips and Tricks
  5. Consequences
  6. How to avoid scars
  7. Aftercare
  8. Hands-on training
  9. Official Rejuvi
  10. Certificate